Success Stories

When projects are able to secure funding to proceed, resulting sucesses promote industry, municipal, community, and local growth - in this way, every successful project is an achievement for us all! RHSA is proud to share below some of these success stories of how funding incentives have helped our Clients to grow forward.


Process Upgrade
A manufacturer who offers a variety of metallurgical processes to numerous industries such as heat treating services, large capacity processes, coatings, and nitriding services, was seeking to upgrade existing batch hardening furnaces to become more efficient, and expand on their business capabilities. RHSA assisted this manufacture by securing 50% of their overall project costs in govenment funding to not only make implementing this project feasible, but also so they can realize continued business growth.

In order to reduce their GHG emissions, become more efficient, and attain in-house electricity and cost savings, a transformer manufacturer was looking to install a photovoltaic (PV) generation system on the roofs of all three of their facilities. We were able to successfully obtain approximately $1.4 million in non-repayable government incentives towards the implementation of this project. The installation of these PV generation systems has enabled this manufacturer to further their business objectives, while creating a foundation to become a sustainable manufacturing leader.

Multi-Residential Portfolio Customer – Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

With over 200 multi-residential facilities in Ontario, located across more than 30 Local Distribution Companies (LDC’s), RHSA has reviewed the full portfolio and found that approximately 35% of their buildings were good candidates for CHP. By the end of 2017, it is expected that there will be over 30 sites with in-service CHP systems resulting in over 12,000,000kWh saved with over $2 million in approved incentives. RHSA has also supported administrative management for these projects through collaboration and engagement with the LDC’s, IESO, MOE, MOECC, OEB as well as all project contractors (i.e. engineering, mechanical, electrical, and etcetera) to ensure the successful implementation of these projects.

Community Development

A small northern community in need of a new community building designed an eco-friendly facility with a project cost of approximately $4 million. RHSA was able to apply for and secure contributions of approximately $1 million through multiple programs to help support this project and allow the community have to their much needed space.

Working with a non-profit organization in Ontario, we were able to help support several projects including a literacy program and emerging sector employment project. The literacy program had a total project cost of just under $30,000 and RHSA was able to secure $19,000 to aid in project realization. The employment skills development program had a project cost of $300,000, RHSA assisted in the procurement of over $200,000 in government support and incentives to ensure project success. The implementation of both of these programs will help to make certain that community members have options to continue to grow forward together for years to come.


Electricity Retrofits
Recently RHSA has successfully worked on numerous electricity retrofits for a wide range of agricultural clients, primarily: Dairy, Poultry and Greenhouse facilities. As a result, in 2016, we assisted our Client’s in saving over 8,000,000kWh resulting in approximately $1.4 million savings in operational costs. These projects have also contributed 1.5MW towards helping Ontario to achieve electricity conservation targets.

Agricultural Processing
A dairy farm with an organic ice cream processing facility was looking to update their equipment and electrical system for a project cost of approximately $200,000.RHSA was able to assist in the realization of this project by securing $75,000 in government cost-share assistance. The realization of this project allowed this facility to increase labour productivity, expand and retain on existing markets, improve product consistency, decrease downtime, improve energy efficiency, and maximize profits.

Agricultural Producing
Working with a garlic farm, RHSA was able to obtain 30% of project costs in funding approvals to assist in implementing automation into their production process.   Putting this project into effect allowed this farm to increase their labour productivity and overall efficiency to realize their full profit potential to continue growing their business forward.





  2013 Exellence award winner for outstanding performance in the SaveOnEnergy Retrofit Program.

  2012 CKW Channel Partner Silver award winner for outstanding achievement in energy saving non-lighting projects in the Waterloo Region.