Other Funding

The government is shifting priority to direct funding by way of grants, incentives and loans, diverting $1.3B in funds from SR&ED tax credits into grants. New grant programs are being created, and existing programs are being renewed or expanded.

Currently, grant funding is an underutilized resource:

  • Stats Canada: In 2011 36% of SMEs applied for external funding, however only 6.5% of this funding was in the form of grants.
  • Jenkins Report: Only 1% of companies accessing government funding in 2011 reported using any other program besides SR&ED or IRAP, so other funding programs are relatively unknown to businesses.

With the changes in the traditional funding landscape, organizations need to be diligent to ensure they are receiving monies that they are eligible to obtain. RH Shergold & Associates has provided grant proposal research and writing for their clients since 2008.

Although our areas of expertise are constantly expanding, a few examples include the following:

  • Export Market Access
  • Green Ontario Fund
  • Growing Forward
  • IRAP
  • New Hires & Training Incentives
  • SR&ED

RHSA's team of granting experts are continuously researching programs to ensure we are keeping our clients informed of relevant grants, rebates, and incentives. From energy efficient projects, to research and development - our highly skilled grant writing team is eager to work on your behalf!

Please contact RH Shergold & Associates to find out more about how we can assist you with project funding and support.