Energy Conservation Initiatives

Both the provincial and federal governments recognize the need to reduce energy consumption and create more sustainable, economical generation opportunities. Several incentive programs have been designed to assist commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-residential customers in implementing their energy saving projects. The Independent Electricity Producers of Ontario (IESO) has created a provincial incentive program, Save on Energy, which is designed to encourage electrical efficiency as well as reduce demand on the grid. There are several streams of funding under the Save on Energy Program including:

  • Demand Response
  • High Performance New Construction
  • Process and System Upgrade Program
  • Retrofit Program

Excitingly, the Process and System Upgrade Program is in support of Behind the Meter Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Co-Generation. Which may have you asking, what is CHP?

Well, CHP plants produce electricity and useful heat from a common fuel source, representing a highly efficient method of generating electricity. Fuel is used to run an engine, gas or steam turbine, which in turn drives an alternator to produce electricity. This process also generates heat. While all thermal power plants produce some heat, some release it into the environment. The CHP process emphasizes capturing this heat through generation by-products such as steam and hot water, which can in turn be used for things like industrial processes or space heating. CHP projects are therefore appealing to a wide variety of hosts as they reduce energy bills and carbon emissions, while allowing them to generate their power independently.

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