About us


RH Shergold & Associates has provided grant proposal research and writing for their clients since 2008. RHSA's team of granting experts is continuously researching programs to ensure we are keeping our clients informed of relevant grants, rebates, and incentives. From energy efficient projects to research and development, our highly skilled grant writing team is eager to work on your behalf.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Export Market Access
  • Green Bank
  • Growing Forward
  • High Performance New Construction
  • IRAP
  • New Hires & Training Incentives
  • SR&ED

RHSA is the pioneer in bringing micro CHP to the Multi-Residential Building market. As a result, we are the current market leaders with 6 years’ experience in micro-CHP

To date RHSA has:

  • Reviewed over 760 facilities for CHP feasibility
  • Recommended over 400 facilities move to Study
  • Over 300 facilities in various stages of implementation
  • Over 40 facilities “signed off” for implementation
  • Over 20 facilities currently in service


Meet our Management Team:


John Robinson

John is a founding member of RH Shergold & Associates. John is an All-Ontario Scholar and graduate of the University of Western Ontario. Prior to founding RH Shergold, John dealt with Corporate, Municipal and Non Profit clients in the areas of Commodity Tax and Scientific Research, and Experimental Development tax credit claims.


Jennifer Shergold

Jennifer is a founding member of RH Shergold & Associates who has over 15 years experience professionally writing grants for multi-residential, commercial, industrial, municipalities, and First Nations. She has focused her effort on energy conservation projects for the past 10 years taking a lead role developing the opportunity for small CHP in Ontario. Prior to founding RH Shergold, Jennifer owned a renewable energy consulting company and volunteered writing grants for non-profit organizations and small businesses.